Preset Constraints (start & end times)

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I’m having a little trouble with presets at the moment.

If I create a preset with particular time constraints then go to use that preset later on, or on another day, the time contraints (start & end) have totally changed, in some cases the difference is upto 24hrs.

I’ve attached a screenshot below to indicate what I’m referring to.

The 1st image was the preset I created and saved.

The 2nd image is the same preset that I selected a minute or so later.

I’m currently running console version

Any help appreciated



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The “Starts on” and “Ends on” time are relative to the time you created the preset. If you deploy actions at the exact same time every day, it will probably behave as expected.

For Example:

You created a preset at 8am, and set it to start the action at 1 am the next day.

Later you use the preset to send an action at 11 am, the preset will be set to start the action the next day at 4 am.

This wasn’t always the case. i remember back in version 5 the date was relative but the time stayed the same.

Hopefully bigfix will change this in the next version, or at least make it configurable.