Prefetch Fails - Port Considerations

We have a cross-domain setup currently and need to take an action that requires a software prefetch. However, when trying to download the file (via the prefetch command) the devices cannot download it. I found it on the sever and verified the the file is present.

I think this is a port issue. We have a highly restrictive policy in place for the firewall right now. Can someone tell me (based on defaults) what ports are used for file operations (e.g. prefetch)?


If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend reviewing the following for general network traffic information associated with the BigFix platform:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Network%20Traffic%20Guide

By default, with a prefetch statement in actionscript, a BigFix Client will attempt to download the file/payload via its parent Relay. If the Relay does not have the file in its local download cache, it will request the file from its parent, and so on. If the BigFix Server does not have the file in its local download cache, it will attempt to download it from the URL specified in the actionscript. The port leveraged at this stage is defined by the source URL. Once the BigFix Server has the file available in its local download cache, it will make the file available to downstream components via the HTTP/HTTPS on the BigFix port (by default 52311). but note that it is the child (Client or Relay) that initiates the subsequent download.