Precheck for 9.5.9 failing

My Pre-upgade check failes, on "move “{parameter “installDir” & “\preupgrade.out”}” “{parameter “installDir” & “\preupgrade-9.5.9.out”}”

the log reads

Command failed (Move of ‘D:\preupgrade.out’ to ‘D:\preupgrade-9.5.9.out’ failed (2 - File error “class FileNotFoundError” on “D:\preupgrade.out” : “Windows Error 0x2%: The system cannot find the file specified.”)) move “D:\preupgrade.out” “D:\preupgrade-9.5.9.out” (action:26660)

but the

parameter “installDir” = “{parent folder of folder (value of setting “_BESRelay_HTTPServer_ServerRootPath” of client)}”

should be correct since if i look at the client setting it reads D:\wwwrootbes\