Pre RFE Discussion: Display full relay diagnostics page when Relay Authentication is enabled

When relay authentication is enabled, it reduces the information & capabilities provided by the Relay Diagnostics page on the relay. Even when enabling a password for the relay diagnostics page, it still does not provide the full information.

My understanding is this is a security measure, as the primary point of Relay Auth is for Internet facing relays.

However, we have planed to just enable this across the environment regardless.

Curious if anyone else is doing this or have input?
Is it overkill or bad design to do that?
Anyone else interested in having this an an option? (Thinking about submitting an RFE)

Also if anyone has a tutorial about using the Relay Diagnostics, please share :slight_smile: I haven’t found much, other than just enabling it :slight_smile:

Your description of what is going on is correct …
An RFE is welcome