Pre-Caching Patches

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I’ve read a couple posts about pre-caching and do not completely understand it.

I did the pre-cache wizard for this Fixlet (Windows 7 Service Pack 1). If I understand it correctly, this should store this patch on my relay server. Is this correct?

How can I ensure that I am storing patches on my relay server and that are clients are downloading from there instead of doing the download function in the action script.


continue if {(size of it = 563934504 AND sha1 of it = “c3516bc5c9e69fee6d9ac4f981f5b95977a8a2fa”) of file “windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe” of folder “__Download”}

waithidden “__Download\windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe” /quiet /norestart /nodialog

action requires restart “c3516bc5c9e69fee6d9ac4f981f5b95977a8a2fa”

Will the fixlet skip that download action if the patch exists on the relay server?

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Hi Mike,

The “download” command in actionscript will tell the agent to download from the relay (which will cache the file). So the download command does NOT make the agent download from the Internet.


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And to finish answering your question…

Yes. If you precached the file on the relay, it will be available for all the agents immediately with no more work for you to do.

This might also be interesting for you:


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Thanks for the input.

Now, do I have to use the pre-cache wizard for every single fixlet or will it cache it upon any kind of patch deployment?