[Pre Announce] Mobile Device Management: IBM MaaS360 Integration for Unified Reporting release next week

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The IBM Mobile Device Management team is pleased to pre announce IBM MaaS360 Integration for Unified Reporting release next week.

Customers who are either using or migrating to IBM MaaS360 software can now integrate MaaS360 device data into their IEM Endpoint Manager deployments.

In an integrated deployment MaaS360 device data is visible in the MaaS360 Single Device View dashboard, the “All Computers” listings, and the IBM Endpoint Manager Reports and database feeds. You can also use the Single Device View to perform basic tasks on MaaS360-managed devices: Device Wipe, Lock Device, Send Message to User, and Selective Wipe MaaS360 Data.

All existing Mobile Device Management customers will have access to this site. It will be available in the license dashboard.

*Note: this initial release is English only. We will be releasing in other languages in the coming months.

Application Engineering Team

IBM Endpoint Manager