Powershell Command

We need to run below command on Widows servers via BigFix. But are unable to do so since the command gets completed as per the logs but no changes on the target server.

Set-Culture en-US

Please help to execute the same.

According to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/international/set-culture?view=windowsserver2019-ps, the Set-Culture command configuration is specific to the current user account. By default, the user context for commands executed by BigFix on Windows is LOCAL SYSTEM. You can override this however. Please see the https://developer.bigfix.com/action-script/reference/execution/override.html actionscript command and note the ‘RunAs’ section.

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Have tried using runas currentuser but still the command gets completed successfully without any changes on the server.

Hi Aram, Can you please help with the exact custom fixlet content that can give us the output

Hello Andy,
did you try something similar to the following snippet?

override wait
wait “{parameter “outsideOfClientFolder”}\run.bat”

you can get a real example of the actionscript by selecting the “Current User (Windows Only)” radio button in the section “Run Command As:” of the edit task wizard of the SWD dashboard.