Powershell Action scripts

When using BigFix native support for Powershell in Action scripts (as introduced in version 10.0.4) - can you still use relevance substitution in the same way as in regular BigFix Action scripts?

Do you still need to escape the left curly braces in the code?

I get errors that seems to be related to the curly braces / parsing of the Powershell code.

Missing closing '}' in statement block or type definition.

that will not work !!! if you want to relevance based statement then we have to switch it to BigFix Action script.

no, not required. Just pass the ps script the way its written in PowerShell or Native way.

it could be requirement of your native ps script code, try running your actual script locally if its working same way it should be working using BigFix.

Relevance substitution does not work in the current release but I asked about it some time ago. Totally forgot to create an RFE and this reminded me to do it. Here it is, please vote for it - https://bigfix-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/BFP-I-248