PowerBI Report Won't Open Using Remote Database


Trying to open the Power BI reports for patch and device management. When I follow the instruction at the link below, I cannot specify the remote insights database in the database field, The application wants to use the localhsot; BFInsights data base from the box I am trying to run the report from. If I close the report and within Power BI and specify the actual database I can connect find but the reports themselves are not aware of this connection. Bit confusing, any ideas would be appreciated.

This is the instruction link but these instructions did not work for me.

@ncpeteusa - You can modify the Data Source settings to point to the remote BF Insights database server.

While the report is open, look in Home -> Transform data -> Data source settings

Then click on the [Change Sourceā€¦] button.

In the resulting dialog box, SQL Server database, change the server and database entries to suit your needs.