Power Tracking Information

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I have two issues when using BigFix v7.0.1.376.


When I filtered by domain from


Power Tracking Information

, the following error message was displayed in the

Aggregate Statistics


“Warning: This section cannot be filtered.”

Is it possible to filter

Aggregate Statistics

by changing settings?


It requires to click

Store Historical Data

button on


Power Tracking Information

to update the following 2 web reports, but is it possible to set to update those reports automatically on the scheduled time? If it does not require an operator’s action that would be better.

Historical Power State

Power Trend Overview

Can anyone help me with these issues?

Thanks and Regards,

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A1: You can not filter the aggregate data because at the time the statistics are calculated on historical properties we throw away the data about which computer submitted the data. This is to keep the data 2 dimensional instead of 3 (time x value vs. time x value x computer). If we kept all the data your database would bloom rapidly and you’d risk losing the nice realtime nature of BigFix. However, you can get around this limitation to some extent by creating new non-master operators and as each new operator use the dashboard to target the set of computers you’d like to consider in your data set. In this way you get a new property tracking the aggregate data for each operator and each property has a different set of computers reporting to it.

A2: We have a script you can set as a scheduled task on the server that will periodically save the data for all operators. Contact naveed_makhani@bigfix.com to get a copy and the implementation details.

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Hi, jessewk

Thank you for your very quick reply.

I got good result, I wanted!

I’ll Try