Power Settings Change reporting Failed

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I sent out a custom Power settings to all computers on my network. However, some have reported back failed. I have looked at teh action detail and everything says completed. any ideas why its reporting failed?


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Sounds like maybe a support case might help…

It might be something to do with the user permissions…


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OK let me check the machines again as I am sure that some of the ones reporting failed have admin rights.

Does BigFix not negate admin rights for these actions?

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Hey gcibirch,

The action script in the power profile fixlets is designed to work around permissions, so it’s probably not a permissions issue.

Are the machines that you’re having issues with running WinXP? Most likely, all lines of the action completed successfully because all of the commands ran successfully, but the action still failed because the relevance did not evaluate to false after all of the commands completed. Essentially, the commands ran, but the power profile didn’t get applied for some reason.

The next step is determining why the profiles didn’t get applied successfully. Here’s where the fun starts! The first thing I’d do is copy the powercfg.exe commands out of the action script. If we’re taking about WinXP machines, you’ll want to get the commands that are being executed using RunAsCurrentUser.exe. The other powercfg.exe commands are for WinVista and Win7. Try running those commands in a command prompt on a computer where the action failed and see if they execute properly. They’ll usually spit out an error message if they’re not working right for some reason.

By the way, are you using roaming profiles? That can cause some issues as well. We’re using power profiles on 5000+ lab machines. They’re working fairly well now, but it took some trial and error, along with a few customizations, to get them to really work reliably… especially with Windows XP.