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Our power company is demanding a report that includes a list of all managed computers, with IP address, along with the power savings for each of them over a period of time, the standby time, off time, monitor standby time and assumptions. Also, the total power saved and total number of computers should be listed. They prefer it on a single report. Has someone built a report like this? If not, how can I go about doing so?

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Hi jonrobinson,

The Power Consumption Analysis provides a lot of this raw data. Examples of some of the fields that would be relevant for your purposes are below:

  • Average fully powered on time in Hours/Day
  • Average time in standby state in hours/day
  • Average Time in powered off state in hours/day
  • Monitor Average Standby/Off Time in Hours/Day
  • Monitor Average On Time in Hours/Day
  • Power Cost per kWh
  • Computer Active Power Draw (W)
  • Computer Sleep Power Draw (W)
  • Monitor Active Power Draw (Single Monitor) (W)
  • Monitor Sleep Power Draw (Single Monitor) (W)

You can use the above data to calculate the savings (on a per computer + monitor basis) from having the machines and monitors in the standby or off states versus on at full power while idle.

Let us know if you have any difficulty putting the above together and we can work with your account team to provide you with some support.



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Would the strategy be to export these fields to excel and then create the formulas to calculate the savings?

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Yes, exactly, that would likely be the easiest way given their suggested report format.

Alternatively, we might be able to get on the phone with the utility and explain how the product works and see if they would take a direct export of the Power Consumption Analysis and a PDF of the Power Dashboard. We’ve worked with a lot of utilities over the years and they tend to be fairly reasonable and flexible with this portion of the process once they understand how the product operates. That said, it might just be easier to export the analysis fields to Excel and do a few quick calculations.

Let me know what you decide and if you have any questions in the process.

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I’m going to mess with the excel connector and see how this works, but is there any way to get the “Power Consumption over time” report done for each computer. Specifically the “Average per Computer Consumption Over Period by Group”. If that listed out each computer rather than groups, that would be exactly what they need.

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You can store data for groups that you define via the Configure Historical Reporting Groups Wizard and report on those groups using the Power Management Web Reports, such as “Power Consumption Over Time”. However, the data is stored in aggregate, rather than at a per computer level, so I don’t think it will meet your needs. The reason we do this is to reduce the amount of historical data we store, which is particularly important in larger environments where storing off daily details for every computer in a deployment could quickly increase the size of the database and affect its performance.


How we would generate the reports based on power saved amount?