Power Mgmt. Testing

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I have been testing the power mgmt. features in BigFix. I have set up a power profile on a test machine and also set a wake from stanby event. Both features are working perfectly. My question now is, and I know I have seen this somewhere in the forum before but was unable to find it again, how do you create these settings without running it under current user? The way I have this set right now, the power profile will only work under the current user and I seem to remember something about editing the script created by BigFix to remove the RunAsCurrentUser application. Could someone please provide detail?

Also, I’m just curious because my mgmt. is very interested in introducing some type of power mgmt. to our environment, do you have any information around why BigFix would be used over free tools such as the GPO add-in provided by the EPA or the GPO add-in provided by Microsoft? Right now they are mainly concerned with putting the monitors to sleep, but I’m sure PCs will come later. I realize that in putting PCs into standby you require some tools such as wake-on-lan or the wake from stanby wizard to bring the machines back up. I would just like to get any info you may have on this subject and/or any feedback from other technicians on their experience with introducing power mgmt to their environment.

Thanks so much!

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The link below helped me accomplish this task.