Power Management question for Linux systems

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I’m wondering if anyone is using BigFix to enable power management settings on Linux systems, along with Windows and Mac systems. Is there any known relevance for that? Thanks.


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Welcome to the forum… Love the icon… We are collecting quite a large array of modified BigFix logos… Now we have a Stanford logo and a Michigan logo…

Here is an interesting collection (hopefully no one changes their icons and breaks my pretty evolution…

http://forum.bigfix.com/img/avatars/5.gif http://forum.bigfix.com/img/avatars/21.gif http://forum.bigfix.com/img/avatars/6056.gif http://forum.bigfix.com/img/avatars/18.gif

But to answer your question:

We don’t currently support Linux for Power Management… but maybe I can help… which pieces of power management are you interested in and for which flavor or Linux?


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I was just looking for something we may be able to include in a custom PM policy. If there are some generic *nix commands to enable power management policies, that would be a good start. Thanks.