Power Consumption summary - Average Cost per kWh not getting updated

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Hi Team,

As per the attached snapshot, we have changed the default currency for power consumption summary as per our requirement, but still it is not getting reflected. Please help.

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Hmm, the first two things to check is that your new “set general assumptions” action has completed successfully on your selected machines, and that the analysis is not correctly gathering the information (check the “Power Cost per kWh” property of the “Power Consumptions Analysis”). Note that this is different from the old Power Management site, where changing cost assumptions did not require an action.

If those are working correctly, make sure you dashboard is refreshed and up to date. This can be done simply by hitting the refresh button on the top right of the dashboard, next to the “Export PDF” button (note that this is different from the “refresh console” button, which wont help you here.)


(imported comment written by suresh.h@techsa.net)


Thanks for your replay.

Now it’s working fine.