Post new topic font color

(imported topic written by StacyLee)

It took me a while and a email to Ben to figure out where the “Post new topic” link was. The blue font blends in too closely with the background making it hard to see. Can you change it to white or some other color.

(imported comment written by SystemAdmin)

Hi Stacy,

As a work around while we check on this you can change the background style. The other styles don’t seem to have the problem.

Go to Profile->Display->Preffered Style

The OxygenBF style is the one that have a blue background that is almost the same color as the reply links.

(imported comment written by Doug_Coburn)

The Oxygen_bf should be mostly fixed. If not please let me know. Also letting me know if I accidently broke any of the other styles while fixing the one in question would be good too!