Possible to use arrays of values in relevance?

I would like to populate a custom field based on information that is within another custom field, repeating this for tens, if not hundreds of clients. If possible, I’d like to be able to put together an array of values that I could search through to determine what the value should be for any client that matches the key field in the array.

For example, I have a custom field that has a unique value of “1234567” that would pair up with custom data of “AB-123 4567”. A second record/item in the array (if an array can be used) would have a value of “2345678” and would pair up with “AB-456 7890”.

Given this type of data, I want to be able to set _Custom_Field_2 or some similar property field to the value that is in custom data field when the unique value field is matched.

I’m hoping to avoid having to put together a string of If statements when a single statement would hopefully accomplish my goal.

Is this possible?

On setting the second custom field, I assume I can say something like “Where _Custom_Field_2 not equal Value… _Custom_Field_2 = Value” to get it set.

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Sad that no one replied to this. I am looking into the same thing now.

Something like this perhaps?

concatenation "" of matches (regex "\d") of "AB-123 4567" is contained by set of ("4567890"; "1234567")

Then just replace “AB-123 4567” with relevance that extracts it from your client instead obviously. The regex I used might need to change depending on how exactly the real data is formatted but given your example it seems to work for me and allows you to match against a set of predetermined values.