Possible to interact with shell prompts? (Linux)

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I need to deploy an RPM to some Linux systems. Unfortunately, it’s interactive, and doesn’t have a silent install option. I may have a workaround, but this made me wonder - is it possible to interact with shell prompts via BigFix action scripts on *nix systems? I’ve reviewed the inspector guide for Linux and the relevance and action documents, haven’t seen anything so far.

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Hi Nicoya,

What is your workaround? Using input redirection with < to redirect from a file?

I automate FTP often with:

$ ftp < response.txt

If you have a way to do it, the same command can be automated from the Action Script.

Lee Wei

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Unfortunately because of the way the installer did the prompting we were unable to do a simply file redirection as with your FTP example. Ultimately we had to go to the vendor to get a completely silent install method - once we had that, deployment via BigFix was a snap.

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Search google for the utility “expect” http://www.nist.gov/el/msid/expect.cfm

I use it to prompt for nodename and passowrd after installing Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) which requires an authentication of the nodename by running “dsmc q sess”