Possibility to analyse processor utilization?

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Dear all,

we have a lot of systems which are LOCKED, because they have things to do for a while and must not be disturbed.

We now had the idea to unlock them using a task or fixlet with some conditions inside and to enable this action for some hours during the weekend (e.g. run only between 02:00 and 05:00 on sundays and saturdays, repeat endless if relevant again). This would ensure that the UNLOCK gets not forgotten. This results in the problem, that the Console with version 6 no longer supports the “lock until” dialog (I know that it is possible to “fix” this with a custom task or fixlet, but it is much more easier for the Admins to lock the system with a right click and therefore this is used as long as I cannot turn this of in the console).

One of the most sufficient things to analyse would be the CPU utilitation of those systems.

Any hints on this?



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Found this in the meantime:

following text of first "=" of (property "Loadpercentage" of 
select object "Loadpercentage from WIN32_PROCESSOR where DeviceID='CPU0'" 
of wmi as string) as integer


  • high cost for calculation (is analysing the processor load for 1 second)
  • only looks on first processor even in hyper threaded or multi core environments

any other ideas are appreciated!