POLL: Best MSI Packaging software

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Well if a real poll is possible I’m not sure how to do it. However, I would like to hear what everyone is using to repackage EXE installations into silent MSI installations. I typically use the Windows Software Distribution Wizard for just about everything but there are a few desktop applications that have splash screens and pop-ups and do not have options to install silently. What is the easiest way to take one of these EXE installations and repackage it into a silent install? I’m looking for some good products to evaluate before purchasing.

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we use the wise installation studio (altiris now I think) as we have several non-exe/msi installs.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. It looks like it might actually be Symantec now. Does anyone use MSI Studio from Script Logic. We use other Script Logic apps and the price seems reasonable on it.

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try Installshield AdminStudio - i hear its easier than WISE (as easy as MSI making can get, which is not easy at all…), but i would suggest going to the “bible” for silently installing applications - chances are whatever your looking to pack is already there…



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Thank you for the link! What a great site. Indeed, 2 of my apps had the silent installation switches in there and do not need to be repackaged. Thanks again!