PHP and how to connect to Web Reports and read/download report

I’m a newbie to web report. I’m a PHP developer who works with analysts that have created reports in BigFix Web Report. Is there a way with the proper credential that will allow a PHP web application to connect to the BigFix Web Report and read/download the reports (in the Report List in Web Reports)? Something like this: https://server_host_name:port_number/api/reports/report_ID?token=mytoken. I saw this somewhere in another posting but has not been able to see where or how to go about it. Please direct/help me to the correct documentation on how to begin. Thank you

You can in fact read/access Web Reports via URL, but I believe it require passing user credentials rather than a token.

Here are some posts with examples:

Essentially, you need to add/include two parameters (“username” & “password”) within a given Report URL.