Phasing out Resource Value Unit (RVU) licenses

In order to continue to simplify licensing and improve our customer experience, BigFix is retiring the “Resource Value Unit” metric (RVU) and will no longer be selling new server licenses using RVUs.

Previously, server-class endpoints could be licensed using either the “Managed Virtual Server” (MVS) metric or the “Resource Value Unit” (RVU) metric. RVU utilized a complicated formula to calculate entitlement, whereas MVS simplifies the counting to 1 license per endpoint.

All new server-class endpoints (either new deployments or additional endpoints at existing deployments) will need to be licensed using MVS parts. Desktop-class endpoints are not impacted by this change.

For the time being, RVU parts will remain available for renewal on RVU’s that currently have S&S.

If you own RVU licenses, it is recommended that you engage with your BigFix product sales specialist to assess and plan the conversion to MVS.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to making BigFix licensing more transparent and manageable for our customers.


It would be really appreciated if you could make an official statement on what will happen with the perpetual RVU licenses that are owned by an organization.
If we don’t renew S&S, would they need to be converted to MVS?
In the case of RVU licenses that we need to renew, if we decide to move to MVS and it turns out to be more expensive, would HCL be flexible and charge the same amount? And if we converted them to MVS and they are perpetual, would they be still perpetual licenses after the convertion?
We have been trying to clarify these questions with our HCL Sales contact but we haven’t received clear answers, so if a public statement could be made that would help us to better understand the process.

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Very well Said ! all questions are completely valid.

Hello. For the time being, renewal of RVU S&S will continue to be possible, as mentioned.
Conversion to MVS is the recommended path, but conversion process and metrics are very dependent on the specific customer deployment. We therefore recommend that you reach out to your account rep and plan a session to review the situation and plan for the future.
Thanks for your feedback.