Permission Denied when trying to deploy a patch through WebUI

Hi all,

question on creating a role for Patch only in WebUI.
I’m getting below message when I select a patch and want to deploy it to a computer:
IBM BigFix
Permission Denied
Contact your system administrator to request access.
In the details of the role I have Can Create Actions set to yes.

But I’m still getting the access denied, can anybody help and let my find what I’m missing here?


Does the user have rights to the computer you are deploying to and the site which the patch is a member of?

Yes, I just now added the role to webUI app ‘workflow’ and that seemed to solve the issue.

I’m now trying to make a role to access Patch Policy, but I’m not able to have that role have rights to create a new policy, or modify a existing policy.
I do not want to give the users of that role master access, so what is possible?