Permanent Opt-Out?

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We are a MSP patching over 500 machines and are looking to roll out BigFix as our new patch management platform. We want to manage as few baseline packages as possible, so what we need is a way to permanently opt-out a single server for a specific fixlet that may be included in future baselines. Is this possible?


Customer A sees the list of fixlets coming down the pipe.

Prior to his patch window, Customer A determines that on his server ‘SQL1’ a fixlet will break his custom code.

Customer A wants to partake in general patching, but does not want that fixlet applied that breaks his application.

We would then have 2 options:

  1. run a custom baseline for this one server forever, amen.

  2. opt-out of that fixlet permanently on that server, allowing it to partake in the baseline that services all other customer servers without risk of that fixlet being applied in the future.

Obviously option 2 would be the best option for us, as it maintains a manageable system for the hundreds of servers that are all maintained for different apps and organizations.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Cashman

Peak 10 Data Center Solutions

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Hi Bill,

We don’t currently have per-computer/per-Fixlet exceptions… You will need to either make a new baseline or give them access to the underlying Fixlets to use independently.


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Ben, did this functionality make it into version 8?

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Unfortunately no…