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I worked on a task that prints out the defragmentation percentages of the local hard drives to a registry locations but when I put together the relevance code it produces the percent signs as %25 instead of %. Is there any way to display it as a percent sign (some kind of escape character that I can use)? I tried to: concatenation “%” of (substrings separated by “%25” of it) but it does not work. Thank you.

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Since BigFix strings use percent encoding, “%25” actually means “%”… but I think it is a bug that it shows “%25” instead of “%”…

Do you see this in the relevance debugger or in the console (or both)?


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The results in both are with %25 instead of %.

The value of the key in registry is: C: - 16% Fragmented (31% file fragmentation)

q: values of key “HKLM\Software\Company\BigFix\Defragmentation” of x32 registry as string

A: C: - 16%25 Fragmented (31%25 file fragmentation)

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I believe this is a reported bug, but I will need to check to see when it was/will be fixed…