"Pending Downloads" shows group leader, not the subcomponent that is pending?

I may be recalling this incorrectly, but I think in 9.1 and 9.2 versions of the BES Console, if a Baseline Action has clients that are in “Pending Downloads” status, that the Action Details would show which component is waiting for downloads.

In the 9.5.1 console, I think the status message is incorrect -

Now, the “Pending Downloads (member action X)” seems to always refer to the Group Leader / first component of the action group. In fact, in this example, the first component 00-718814 doesn’t even have a download.

If I “Show Action Info” against one of the individual client statuses, I see which member action is pending downloads, but it’s not the first component of the baseline.

An action (including Multiple Action Group/Baseline) will try and satisfy all of its downloads before it starts so that is most likely what you are seeing

I understand the Baseline will not begin executing until the downloads for all components have completed, but I expected the “Pending Downloads (member action X)” to refer to the correct member action.

In this example, member action 00-718814 is referenced but that member action does not have any downloads.

In the past, I’d see multiple “Pending Downloads (member action X)”; “Pending Downloads (member action Y)” lines in the output, so I might be clued in to a bad download if multiple clients were stuck on the same member action. Now all Baselines are just showing Pending Downloads for the first member action.

Before any member action runs we will attempt to download everything relevant for the baseline, this often doesn’t succeed and we end up downloading items at a later point for the specific actions but the agent is in a “pre execution phase” before the first action actually runs as it is downloading.

Understood, but why is the console referencing the wrong member action for pending downloads?

If its the first action in the list its probably getting the burden for the entire baseline/multiple action group.

In the cases I’m looking at the first action of the baseline doesn’t even have any downloads. But this first action is still referenced in the 'Pending Downloads (member action 00-xx)" message.

The result is that I cannot determine which member actions are pending downloads except by opening the action status for each individual client.

As I said the initial download is based on the entire baseline/multiple action group. I’d have to look at specifically what we are reporting this against but the first element in the list is going to take the burden which is either the wrapper action that holds the group or the first action - it depends on how the display of the constraint is done and how the constraint is reported - but one item, even if it doesn’t have a download - will effectively display this data.

I could have sworn that in earlier versions, the Action Status would show which sub-actions are pending downloads; showing multiple ‘pending download’ statuses if there are different clients waiting on downloads from different actions.

Am I remembering that incorrectly? … for that matter, if the console is never going to show the correct member action for the Pending Downloads status…why show the '(member action XX-XXXX) ’ field at all?

I’m not crazy! Screenshot from an action I sent before upgrading to 9.5 with multiple “Pending Downloads” displays for different action components -

That was under 9.2.3. Now that I’m at 9.5.1 all of the statuses that are “pending downloads” reference the first member action, regardless of which components are actually waiting for downloads.

What your showing me is still possible in 9.5

We do this with a multiple action group

  • Meet constraints
  • Enter download phase for “Action”
  • Download all downloads for the entire multiple action group
  • For each action in group, check downloads present for action (fetch them if they aren’t in the cache) and start action pending on other constraints

Its still possible something was introduced that is causing a change but both types of output are possible.