Pause action - Software Distribution

Hello All,

Is it possible to pause (not stop) an action of software distribution, then start where it stopped??


An action can only have three states. Open, Stopped, Expired.

There are some interesting things you can do to kind of “pause” an action. You can create a computer group with your targeting relevance, target the group with your distribution action. When you want to pause the distribution you simply remove the relevance from the computer group so that the action is now targeting an empty group. When you want to “resume” the action you simply repopulate the relevance in the group.

Certainly not ideal.

Is there a reason you are uncomfortable with stopping and just recreating the action?

Thanks for the advice.

The client’s concern is the distribution links to the clients…very poor…they are going to the deploy the packages during the night, but if the distribution did not finish by 6 am, they need to stop and in order to not lose the package that was already sent (part of it) they want to pause and continue after 10 pm. If you create a new task you have to send it all again.

Have you tested, on the “Execution” tab of the action, simply only having it apply from 10pm to 6am?

I’m not sure there is a great solution to pause the download during the day other than enabling bandwidth throttling during the day and disabling it at night.

More info on bandwidth throttling here:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Bandwidth%20Throttling

Do they need to actually pause the download, or just not run the installer? This might be similar to the use case of “precache a lot of OS patches before running them in a scheduled window”.

What I do for this, is to issue the patching action with the checkbox set for “Begin downloads before constraints are met” (so background downloads begin immediately), and a Constraint based off a client setting (I use PatchWindow != “Closed”). I kick off the patching action a day or two ahead of time and give the clients time to download all of their applicable patches, then send separate actions to toggle the client setting “PatchWindow” between “Open” and “Closed” based on our schedule.

Another handy thing about sending actions that way, is that I can issue a single set of baseline actions against large numbers of our systems, and toggle their PatchWindow value in smaller groups or on an individual basis to minimize outages.