Patching Support-Manage Download plug-ins have no data

Server: Bigfix 9.2.5, Windows 2008 R2
Target: RHEL 6
Error:“HTTP Error 1: Unsupported protocol: Protocol RedHatProtocol not supported or disabled in libcurl”

Search a lot of posts, find the need to install download plugin, RHSM Plugin?
but here is empty?
Is there anything else to do? subscriptions - all computers
2.all Analyses status activated globally
These are all configured.

There are OK. I’m afraid it’s a slow show. It’s been a bit urgent lately.

There should be fixlets to install the download plug-ins.

Have your computers actually subscribed to the Patching Support site? In that screenshot, the number of subscribed computers is still 0.

Only a Root Server or a Relay can install the download plug-ins. Does your account have Operator Rights on the root server or a relay?