Patching support for newer versions of Java (JDK)

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Not sure if anybody else has this need but ever since the change in licensing models and products on Oracle side, we are finding ourselves in need to manage newer Java products. Unfortunately, they seem to have adopted all the name JDK even though the free & paid for do come with completely separate versions, support timelines, etc… Anyway, submitted RFEs for JDK Free versions (CON-I-99) & JDK Paid versions (CON-I-100) to be added to “Updates for Windows Applications Extended”, if you agree please vote. Thank you.


The free versions have been delivered in Updates for Windows Applications Extended. The paid versions require login and are more complicated.

See here: Content Modification: Updates for Windows Applications Extended published 2023-09-27

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We have added support for JDKs to the Middleware sites that include those that require manual caching as well as those that don’t for many platforms.