Patching issue on sun Solaris system

Hi BigFix masters,

Lately we have seen strange issue on few of our SunOS 11 system, where in the BigFix console we are able to see that there are few patches which are pending on the system but when we are checking on the system we are able to that the latest patch is been installed on the system.

Basically our SunOS admin team have told us that is a latest patch is installed on the systems automatically all the older pending patches gets remediated. As i have less experience in patching SunOS system any help in understanding the patching of SunOS will help.

Thanks in Advance.

@karthik04, can you please confirm that an associated action exists or existed for the SunOS endpoints and updates in question? Also, do you have any of the yyyyMMdd.log files from any of the targeted SunOS endpoints where we can cat|grep for the action ID?

Assuming that an action installed the SunOS update in question, and no other administrators or other automation systems haven’t uninstalled said update, then I would look at communication failures. However, in most cases the local BESClient yyyyMMdd.log files will contain the needed details.

That said, it may be necessary to enable BESClient debug logging on one or more of the SunOS endpoints and re-run your SunOS updates to collect additional details for a support case.

Hi @cmcannady giving the overview of the problem, earlier our SunOS team never used to do the patching from BigFix they used to do it via there local repo which they have created.

Currently our management have instructed the team to use BigFix as everyone in the organization is doing so. Thus while checking the compliance of the SunOS 11 UAT system we found out that there are patches which are pending on the system, but we got the confirmation from the team that the system is patched up to date.

In short - our SunOS team has never used BigFix for patching, and in 2021 they have to start using the BigFix platform for patching and when they were about to start they found this issue.

Hi guys to resolve the issue we had to open a support ticket from HCL support and after 2 months of troubleshooting we were able to find the issue.

The patches were not getting relevant on the systems cos one of the relevance which used to check the a particular version entry in catalog.base.log file which is already there in the system. We had to create a new analysis in by copying which the fixlet has and we were able to get the result as true in 2 analysis and error in 1 analysis which was checking the Catalog.base.log file.

The support engineer released escalated to the developers and they made the changes and released new patches where we were able to see that the systems getting applicable for the patches.

Now we are able to deploy the patches on the system

(What is the catalog.base.log i am not aware of it, if any one knows that please share the info with us it will be a great help)

Thanks for the replies,