Patching and reboot orchestration with just the Patch Module?

Is there a way to orchestrate patching and rebooting so they do not coincide between a group of machines that must remain online?

Domain Controllers
Web Servers

We’re currently only licensed for the Patch module. I read something briefly that indicated that this sort of functionality may require an additional module called “Server Automation”.


Yes. Just create a custom fixlet/task that filters out those servers, such as excluding a Group or Property value.

Thanks for your response.

We already created computer groups to section out the machines that are patched in a given action within a given window of time.

We need to take this a step further, to ensure that a specific machine’s partner node (like a domain controller, web server, cluster member, etc) is functional before it’s pair is taken offline to patch.

There are times when a patch can go sideways, a machine may be offline, services may be down, etc. We want to do quick check on these sort of things before triggering a huge issue when a single functioning node is taken offline to patch.

Yeah, understand the use-case…and we built a whole module around it (Server Automation). We can certainly get you in touch with a TA if you’d like to trial it and consider upgrading.