Patches w/ no default action - option to select the action pop up

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If I select a group of servers and then select the missing patches, then select take default action. I get a message that Microsoft patch MS0… does not have a default action. I understand the reason for not having default actions on some patches be it they need deployed separately, or have important notes one should read before deploying them, etc…

It would be REALLY nice if when I select take default action a new window came up saying “the list of patches below do not have default actions Please select the action you would like to take for this deployment” (maybe a window similar to creating a baseline) where I could then select the action for this deployment, see the notes on that specific patch and still deploy those patches with that deployment I am doing. And it would be really cool to have the option of say a dropdown for that patch that says “deploy this patch after reboot”.

End result being one deployment of as many patches, fixlets, and tasks as I want in one deployment.