Patches for Windows site - Cannot Query?

I am trying to query this site with the api, but the api does not see the site? It is clearly in the console, and I can see all the fixlets there, but for some reason I cannot see the site via api.

The site name is either “bessecurity” or “Enterpise Security”. This was its name since I started using the platform (from v6.0) so before they added the “Patches for {osname}” and the legacy name was kept…I suspect to avoid breaking customizations existing customers had developed.

Q: exists site "bessecurity"
A: True
T: 0.830 ms
I: singular boolean

Q: exists site whose (name of it = "Enterprise Security")
A: True
T: 0.726 ms
I: singular boolean

Q: (name of it, url of it, client folder of it) of site "bessecurity"
A: Enterprise Security,, C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\__BESData\Enterprise Security
T: 0.276 ms
I: singular ( string, string, folder )