Patches for RHEL: RHSM Download Plug-in and RHSM Download Cacher updated (version

The RHSM Download Plug-in tool and RHSM Download Cacher were updated with the following enhancements:

System Identity Certificate is no longer required starting from version
The Red Hat Subscription Management has a new subscription interface available which does not have an option to download the System Identity Certificate, as it did in the legacy view.
Starting from version, the RHSM Download Pug-in and RHSM Download Cacher will now work without the System Identity Certificate. This is in preparation for Red Hat removing the legacy site.

New check-storagereg command for RHSM Download Cacher
The check-storagereg command displays the storage space requirement regardless of whether the -sha1_download_dir option is enabled.

Updated Tools Versions:
RHSM Download Plug-in, version
RHSM Download Cacher, version

Actions to take:
Update to RHSM Download Plug-in version by using the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
Download the updated RHSM Download Cacher here:

Published site version:
Patching Support, version 773.

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix

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