Patches for RHEL: RHSM Download Plug-in and RHSM Download Cacher updated (version

The RHSM Download Plug-in tool and RHSM Download Cacher have been updated with the following enhancements:

RHSM Download Plug-in
The Automated Repository Blacklist has been added to enhance the existing repository blacklist function.
Running --check-baserepos prompts users if they want to update the allowrepos.cfg file with the result from base repository test. Using the Repository Blacklist helps with performance improvement and reduction of unnessesary logs.

RHSM Download Cacher
Space-saving benchmarks have been established with the use of the --sha1_download_dir.
Using the --sha1_download_dir have shown significant decrease in storage size, download size, and time when caching multiple repositories of the same RHEL version. This is because many packages are duplicated among repositories with the same RHEL version (server-6-x86_64, workstation-6-x86_64, client-6-x86_64). Space is not saved if you only cache a single repository for each RHEL version, such as caching server-6-x86_64, server-7-x86_64.

       Caching server-6-x86_64, workstation-6-x86_64 (with --sha1_download_dir):
       Total Repo Metadata and Packages will take up 84.2 GB of space instead of 158.3 GB (45% space saved)

       Caching server-6-x86_64, workstation-6-x86_64, client-6-x86_64 (with --sha1_download_dir):
       Total Repo Metadata and Packages will take up 85 GB of space instead of 235 GB (63% space saved).

Updated Tools Versions:
RHSM Download Plug-in, version
RHSM Download Cacher, version

Actions to take:
Update to RHSM Download Plug-in version by using the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
Download the updated RHSM Download Cacher here:

Published site version:
Patching Support, version 755.

Application Engineering Team
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