Patches for AIX now supports NFS on RHEL endpoints

BigFix Patch is pleased to announce the support of RHEL endpoints as NFS repositories for the Patches for AIX site.

Users can use the Advanced AIX Deployment Wizard to register RHEL endpoints as NFS repositories to help manage technology level or service pack fix packs.

Actions to Take
The RHEL endpoint must be subscribed to the Patching Support site.

Gather the latest version of Patches for AIX site and Patching Support site. Activate the analysis “Register Linux Endpoint Folder as an NFS Repository - AIX” (ID 69) of the Patching Support site.

To register the RHEL endpoint, open the Advanced AIX Deployment Wizard in the Patches for AIX site, and navigate to the Linux NFS Repository Management tab.

Additional Notes
Currently, only RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 on Intel processors are supported.

An AIX endpoint is required during RHEL registration because a fix pack’s Table of Content can only be generated on an AIX endpoint. Write permission to the RHEL NFS repository will be granted to the AIX endpoint for generating the Table of Contents.

Published Sites
Patches for AIX, site version 700
Patching Support, site version 868

Application Engineering Team


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