Patch Policy - How do I make it immediately run on new machines?

Hi All,

I’m currently looking at trying to automate our new machine imaging process. In the past, we would manually image a desktop, install the bigfix agent, then push out our monthly baseline to the computer.

I automated the majority of the process, so the bigfix agent gets installed as a task sequence, applies a custom property, then the “New computer” baseline gets applied to a automatic group based off the custom property and removes the custom property.

Now I can technically do the same thing with the Windows update baselines and have it automatically run, but I don’t want to have to manually run the baseline action every month as we create a new one every patch tuesday. Is their any way to get the patch policy to immediately updates to a automatic computer group? I was playing around with the UI and I couldn’t find a setting that could allow me to use it as such.

Immediately !!! thats not yet updated within patch policy however we can create patch policy to refresh & run daily on specific computer group.

There is another road block ! WebUI Patch Policy still not mature enough to allow to add Baseline & tasks, you need to assign fixlets only (which must have default action), again those must be falling under specific category, source, site & released date. to avoid conflicts & unnecessary stuff to be added into patch policy.

Also you cant define priority or order of your items !!!