Patch Policies Incorrect Next Start Date

Starting this thread for awareness as we experienced an issue with Patch Policies having incorrect next start dates post the new year. For example, some patch policies were setup for the first Saturday of the month, but looking at the next start date they are reflecting 1-9-2021 instead of 1-2-2021. Case has been opened with HCL and will share results.


As an update, HCL support is working with their escalation team. They have confirmed the issue within their dev environment of the dates being incorrect.

Additional insight… Issue first detected on our production environment running version We have a dev Bigfix environment running the latest version of 10 and the issue persists there as well. Passed along to HCL and awaiting feedback. Will keep this thread updated as we receive further insight.

Spent quite a bit of time with HCL support. They released a hotfix for the issue and from what we understand there will be a formal release at some point. The hotfix corrected our issue with incorrect next start dates. If you are experiencing this issue please contact HCL support for a hotfix.

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