Patch management - looking for explanation

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Hi All,

I am looking for some explanation how patch management for Linux (CentOS, RHEL etc.) works.

For Windows it is very simple. I get a fixlet and run an action for deploy process. But for Linux I have to register ‘Download plug-in’ which connects to vendor site and log on for download patches. And it is all what is described in manuals. There is something else named ‘Download cacher tool’ which requires the same credentials for RedHat Network. This tool, as I understand, downloads and caches all patches for my redhat versions. In worst case size of downloaded content may have over 60 GB.

And I don’t understand for what is cacher tool if Download plug-in connects to redhat network for downloading patches? It is required for some reason?

Can somebody explain me how step-by-step patching redhat or CentOS works?

Thanks and regards