Patch Management for Itaniums

(imported topic written by IvyC)

As I understand it BigFix will not be creating fixlets for the Itanium system. It is up to us to create a task or fixlet to update our Itanium machines monthly. This has become a very difficult process and many of our machines are now between 30 and 40 patches behind. We have now abandoned the idea of patching these systems using BigFix due to the inability to determine which patch is needed, etc. We have instead implemented Automatic Updates which will download/install patches to our machines weekly. Because AD does not report back a status of which machines were patched and with what patches, I need a way to determine the actual patch status of these machine.

Is there a way to have BigFix read the event log and report the patches that were installed in an aesthetically pleasing/easy to read format? In other words, I need assistance creating a report that will show the machine and the patches that are installed for the last month. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks