Patch Group based on Oustanding fixlets


We have a new custoemr that would like to have a Patch Away group created in Bigfix based on outstanding pathes that are greater that 30 days old. This would have to be based on what is contained in their baseline. I’d imagine I’d need to craft some kind of relevance statement for this, however I am not a massive expert at the relevance language in Bigfox. If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated.

@ptholt79 I think the easiest approach will be to create a Patch Policy in WebUI to dynamically handle the old patches. More info on doing this here:

If that has gaps or concerns, please bring those back and we can discuss further.

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We are starting to use WebUI AutoPatch policies to apply any outstanding patches and so far it looks like it’s the best/easiest way to do it.


Thanks for the replies. I will look into that.

This customer in particular will have one Pilot group and 4 Production patch groups. We were looking for a way to dynamically have the machines added to the Patch Away group mentioned above when they fall behind in patching. Is that possible with the patch policies?

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.