Patch Deployment Monthly or Quaterly

Hi Team,

Please suggest what is best for patch deployment-

  1. Monthly or Quarterly.
  2. How to choose which patch is require in our environment.
  3. How to check which machines doesn’t have up to date patches installed.

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Wakkas Ahmad
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Deciding what is best for your environment is something that can’t be decided in a forum like this.

Also, these are patching policy decisions and nothing to do with Bigfix, the answers should be the same whatever deployment mechanism you use.


But what is the best practice for patch deployment, what is the suggestion from Bigfix team on this.

  1. You did not specify which platform you’re patching.
  2. As trn points out, depends on your environment.

This isn’t something we, or even IBM, can tell you. You need to make an informed decision based on the information available from the vendor of the updates, not the tool you use to deploy said updates.

A quick google search returns several Microsoft pages detailing best practices for Microsoft updates. I’m sure the same is true for Red Hat, or CentOS, or IBM Linux, or whatever OS you’re planning on patching.

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Mostly we are using Windows & MAC in our environment.

For windows we find that monthly is much more reliable.

For “hand-hold” systems we do quarterly.

@wakkas using the N-1 approach for patching windows machines is one of the better ways to do patching. N is the current month.

This helps in avoiding any vulnerabilities or bugs that are present in the current patches of the present month.