Patch Baseline triggers "Restart your computer" windows update box

I’ve got a baseline that seems to trigger the following microsoft popup:
Restart your computer to finish installing important updates and offers a 10 minutes restart. Obviously I want this gone and to control my restart with bigfix instead…

I searched on that Windows Update box and people say to either create a key:


or a GPO to the same effect… Neither seems to work on Win7 though, I still get the dialog after that key and a reboot…

I even turn off the Windows update service before my baseline applies, it still pops !

How did you create the key? Is it set properly in the x64 registry or the x32 registry?

Good call… It was not paying attention so the WOW6432Node (again!) … And then after it was fixed, it turns out it needed more keys to do the trick completely. And ultimately GPEDIT lies through its teeth as far as checking the results, and only checking the actual registry entries reflected the changes… Thanks !

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You can do Local GPO directly with BigFix like this: