Password Reset?

I’m trying to reset my password over at

I was able to request the Authorization Code, and got it via email, but when I go back to the page to reset the password, there is a problem. No User Name field under the Reset Password portion of the dialog. I’ve tried in both Chrome (Windows) and Internet Explorer (Windows) thinking it might be a rendering issue.

So how do we Reset our Passwords at if we have forgotten what the password was and cannot log in?

@TimRice After requesting the authorization code, I stayed on the form page. After a bit, the form automatically loaded my username above the authorization code field. It appeared to coincide with the delivery of the email with the code.

Odd that this came up…
I havent been able to sync with since , well a while back… Hadnt noticed I had an in the creds url and needed to change it to
I see Error Result
The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.
login attempts exceeded

IS there any way to reset that?