Parameterized Fixlets Multilinetext problem


I am attempting to use a Parameterized Fixlet (Parameter Test.bes) with the multilineselect UIType for my parameter.

When I action the fixlet, no matter how many items I select:

It only appears to place the top-most item in the action:

The only examples I can find of the multilineselect type don’t actually use it to provide information to the action – they use it to provide parent/child information to the operator (like the IP addresses of the VM they just selected). In addition, the parameterized fixlet guide doesn’t show using the multilineselect in an actual action.

Does anyone have any experience using multilineselect or can weigh on on this?

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What would you expect the parameter “many” to be set to? It can only be one “value” so it may be incorrect that it can select multiple lines.

The Parameterized Fixlet Guide describes multilinetext like this:

Often it is desirable to have a single input where the user can select zero or more entries for use in the action script.
This is performed by using an input called multilinetext which works exactly the same as standard text box but will allow multiple selections.
In this example we will create a multilinetext input for selecting fruits that a person likes to eat:

I tried using a javascript validator but found that on form submission, only one value is provided to the javascript validator as well.

So I guess I would expect it to either:

  1. Provide both values in a defined concatenated form
  2. Provide both values to a validator and allow the content creator to determine a format that works for what they’re doing


Maybe this should be a new thread, but I found and solved a problem with the “multilinetext” in parameterized fixlets. If you follow the Parameterized Fixlet Guide v.85 or the v1.0 screen shots and directions on how to create a multilinetext input graphic, then you will waste a lot of time failing at first because you cannot use “specified”, you must use “relevance” as the value type despite the examples showing otherwise. You can still get specified values to show up by using xml tags such as “/“item1/”; /“item2/”, /“item3/””. Hopefully this saves some people time in the future.


So you got this to return both values to the fixlet as an action parameter?

In the example .bes i linked I am using a relevance tag – I was able to get the list to render but it always only returned one of the items selected instead of the whole list.


bummer. so that’s still an issue that isn’t solved yet.

Maybe someone has developed a custom events tag that would parse the multilinetext values properly into action parameters?

Do you recall ever getting this resolved Bill? I’m having the same issue.
Thanks, Simon.