Over 4000 duplicated machines showed up in our database this morning

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When I checked the environment today I noticed there were over 11k computers in the database, this is strange because we normally only have about 7k or so. I ran the little duplication removal utility and it removed 4495 computers. My question is - how can I find out the root cause of the problem? from the couple of threads I found about this most seem to point to a Version Upgrade - however there were no system upgrades going on over the weekend, and no new actions have been introduced. Are there any logs or anything like that I can look at to point me in the right direction?

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EDIT 1:42pm EST:

After deleting the duplicate i’ve noticed our numbers dropped down to normal levels - but are slowly rising again. within the last hour we had 20 new duplicates enter the database…

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do you have any actions running that could be causing a reset of the BES Client?

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Negative on the client resetting actions - we ran a site wide client and relay reset - but that was on the 12th - and the computers did not start duplicating until this weekend. (Although I do want to set up another client reset action in the near future, maybe next week or so).

I ran another Duplicate Deletion job at 12:40 PM, and had 6149 Windows Workstations - right now I have 6189, so its growing slowly.

Our retention period for old computers is 30 days so its not that we have a lot computer just popping in.


We deleted the “ComputerID” line when we ran the client reset two weeks ago - that way we dont get this exact problem.

Also we got 7 more duplicated computers in the last 30 minutes…