Other Vendor Patches in BigFix Console?

Our BigFix Console gives us patches for Microsoft Patch Tuesday patches, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Flash and Shockwave. I would like to get patches for Adobe Creative Suite and Visual Studio as well as a few more. Can someone tell me what needs to be done so that these other vendors updates will appear in our Bigfix Console? Right now I’m running around manually installing 3rd party patches, but there’s got to be an easier way. Help!



If you want to deploy third party software, patches, or updates not provided by HCL, you can create your own fixlets to do so.

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JonL, do you know where I can find a list of all the patches and updates that HCL offers?

In the console, go to Dashboards > BES Support > License Overview. Scroll down to the Available Sites. Enable any vendor’s site for which you are licensed. When that site gathers, you’ll be able to go to Fixlets and Tasks > Fixlets Only > By Source. Select the vendor you enabled. You will see the options available to you.

If there is something not present that you want, you have three options: 1) Search this forum and bigfix.me to see if someone else has already developed that solution. 2) Submit a request to HCL to include that content in their catalog. or 3) Create your own fixlet.

Typically I just create my own. If I get stuck, I search this forum for insight.


Man, thanks!! I really appreciate the help.