OSDeployment folder location


we have to use remote machine with BigFix Console installed where there is only around 4-8gb of free space on C drive and 200gb on D drive. This is a problem when we want to upload MDT Bundle (around 7gb) because before sending this onto server, BigFix first compress this MDT Bundle to .zip file (this .zip file is always created on C drive in %USERPROFILE%\OSDeployment location). Is there a way to change location where BigFix is creating this .zip file or to do some other trick?

Hi MatPel,
why does your MDT bundle have 7 gb size? Did you customize it? In which way?

Hi @michele.t,
our MDT Bundle contains many applications (including MS Office). Those applications constitute around 80% of our MDT Bundle.

Are you referring to the MDT bundle itself, or to a captured OS image? An OS image can certainly be that large (mine are around 20 GB) but an MDT bundle should be much smaller.

Hi @JasonWalker
Yes, our MDT Bundles are about 7GB. After uploading to BigFix they have around 6GB:

if it’s not possible to use a different computer, I would suggest to create a symbolic link between the %userprofile%\OSDeployment folder and a folder on D:
For example, you can:

  1. Close the console
  2. Delete the folder %userprofile%\OSDeployment (or rename it to a different name if you prefer but it’s not needed)
  3. create a folder named OSDeployment on D: (mkdir D:\OSDeployment)
  4. run the command:
    mklink /d D:\OSDeployment %userprofile%\OSDeployment
    Now you can relaunch the console and all the stuff that should be created on C: in %userprofile%\OSDeployment will be actually created on D:\OSDeployment