OSD site not syncing with IBM server

It appears my server isn’t gathering the latest version of the OSD site from the IBM content server. As you can see in the attached screenshots, my server is at version 53 but the IBM content server shows site 55.

I tried various things to get the latest versoin:

  • hit the gather button
  • restarted the gather process
  • disabled the OSD site and then re-enabled it again

none of these appear to gather the latest and in fact, when I disabled the OSD site and re-enabled it again, I could see that the site was at version 0 and then got upgraded to version 53 which was the version that I had last. It didn’t pick up version 55.

I also checked the GatherDB log and this is what I got:
“Fri, 11 Sep 2015 17:06:46 -0400 – Beginning import of version 53 of site OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging
Fri, 11 Sep 2015 17:06:54 -0400 – Import of version 53 of site OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging completed successfully”

So it looks like it thinks version 53 is the latest from IBM?

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Check the Server log. Do you have any IPS anywhere? They can see some .js files as problems and sometimes not allow them to download.

Your console cache could also be out of date somehow

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Is there a proxy between the root server and the internet?

Hmmm… never had any issues in the past but maybe my customer has put in an IPS recently. I’ll find out. Thanks Alan!

Nope. No proxy unless that has changed too but then if that was the case, I wouldn’t be getting my patch fixlets too.

Hi Vincent,
this is peculiar, because 55 is indeed the latest OSD site version, and we know of no other user that complained about a similar problem.
If it still occurs, I suggest that you open a PMR and work with BigFix platform customer support


You misunderstand the problem. He has site 53 instead of site 55. Gather of site 55 is failing for him.

From what I understood, gather of site 55 is not failing- it is not happening at all, while site 53 (that is backlevel) continues to be gathered in this environment. I still suggest to open a PMR for ths

Thanks everyone for the responses!

I got in touch with the network team and it appears as though there was a firewall change that blocked the Bigfix server from gathering content. It is working now

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