OSD - Keep data partition with bare metal imaging

I have Windows 7 systems that need to be re-imaged using bare metal imaging. They have a single partition C: but I recently found a fixlet that will allow you to create a second partition. They also have 14GB of media files on them that I would like to retain through the re-imaging process to Windows 10. If I create a D: drive and copy the files there is there a way in OSD that I can just re-image the C: drive and leave the D: drive alone? I am aware that Windows 10 requires at least 2 partitions due to how it boots so that might complicate things a little more.

I think you refer to “reimage” and not to “bare metal imaging” where the target computer is completely reinstalled from scratch.
You say that starting OS is Windows 7 with a single partition C:. Is it both system and boot partition or maybe you have an hidden partition that works as boot partition? (it generally does not have any letter assigned).
This can be seen with diskpart (e.g. select disk 0, list partition and list volume).
Reimaging a Windows 7 without dedicated boot partition using a Windows 10 setup image, only the system partition (C:) will be reimaged, other data partitions will not be overwritten.
Sergio Tarchi